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The World of Prepaid in the Palm of your Business

Prepaid Direct Wireless is the leading platform for prepaid no contract wireless products and services nationwide with a unique marketing and distribution platform that will give your business the edge you need to get leaps past your competitors. Partnered up with Prepaid Direct Wireless we can provide you the industry leading discount rates for your wireless refills while putting you in touch with a platform that has pins always in stock and ready for you to sell.


Prepaid Direct Wireless is your partner for wireless refills and for the latest in the prepaid no contract marketplace. At Prepaid Direct Wireless, we value efficient and reliable use of technology to simplify and expedite the prepaid mobile refill process. Our robust, easy-to-use, web-based technology platform, coupled with our industry-leading customer support, sets us apart from our competition. We are fast-growing and high-efficiency, with a rapidly evolving network of retailers and distributors that allows us to keep our offerings comprehensive and our rates competitive.


Prepaid Direct Wireless consistently provides the highest quality service and support to our retailer clients, and the best possible distribution network to our vendor partners, so that we can claim with confidence to be One National Distributor for All Your Prepaid Wireless Needs. Contact Prepaid Direct Wireless today, to discuss how our Prepaid Direct Wireless Value Proposition can add value to your brand, your customers, or your distributorship.


You don't need to use multiple systems now to process different type of bill payments, our online system gives you access to over 95% of the pre-paid wireless bill payment transactions all under one system.

Boost Mobile
Virgin Mobile

Verizon Wireless
PagePlus Cellular
H20 Wireless

Simple Mobile

and much much more!.


Prepaid Direct Wireless gives you the best rate period. We negotiate on your behalf with the carrier to get you the best rates in the industry. By leveraging the transactions processed via Prepaid Direct Wireless you get wholesale rates that are the best in the industry hands down.


DRIVING REVENUE - We will drive incremental revenue to your doors through our exclusive marketing platform for prepaid carriers that can increase your walk-ins by up to 300% within 90 days.

INCREASE REVENUE CAPTURE - No one likes it when you lose money because you don't have PINS in stock, that is why we have automatic PIN replenishment internally that makes sure that PINS are in-stock over 99% of the time.

ROBUST SYSTEM - Easy to use and learn, you can setup separate accounts for all your sales agents and track sales through individualized reporting.

Find out why Prepaid Direct Wireless Empowered dealers are driving on average 75% more refills to their doors than other retailers in their area.

Your customers are buying prepaid products somewhere. Why shouldn't they buy them from your business?

Our Fill-in-One Solution will keep them coming back to your store every week while our excellent rates boost your profits!"

Why Prepaid Direct Wireless?

    Instant Commissions to Retailers
    $0 Investment
    Increase Monthly Traffic Flow
    Great Promotional Materials
    15 Second Transactions
    Easy Pin Return
    Friendly Support 7 Days a Week

Physical Terminal

Our terminal software is one of the most reliable, stable and user-friendly ...

Web-Based Terminal

Merchants that have computers and internet can take advantage of our web based ...

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

The P.O.S.Activation System uses State of the art technology to make transactions as fast and secure as possible.

Pre-Paid products are not "LIVE" and must be activated by a clerk with the Terminal before the product is active.





Prepaid Cellular Are A Smart Choice!

There are huge demands for prepaid services all over the world, somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 million prepaid cellular and long distance users in North America along.  The growth of the pre-paid wireless industry has been truly astonishing, and there is no end in site.  In Europe, over 75% of all cellular phones are pre-paid.  With the high deposit costs required to get a non pre-paid cellular phone, many people simply have not been able to afford to get one and penalties for the people who can afford cellular phones, if service is canceled.  Pre-paid is the answer.


Your Customers Prepay and Never Get Overcharged.


Wireless with no contracts or monthly fee, your customers take control of there cell phone usage with Prepaid Cellular Service.

    Budget minded cell phone users
    Emergency users
    Parents who want their kids to stay in touch without the worry of running up a bill
    People with some damaged or no credit history

Prepaid cellular services are getting very popular these days.  Many people now prefer prepaid services since they offer a variety of advantages related to lifestyle and cost control that simply are not available through post-paid contract based services.


Prepaid cell phones have a distinct advantage over regular subscriptions.  They offer cost control with a fixed price per minute, control over costs with cell phones distributed by parents, no credit check and increased anonymity.


Increasing Consumer Demand For Prepaid Cellular


Prepaid cellular services are currently the fastest-growing segment of the wireless phone market, perhaps because wireless service can be started up with no subscription fee for well under $100.  More and more people are using this service to control spending than to get around credit problems.


In Europe, already more than 60% of subscribers are on a prepaid wireless plan, while in the United States, only 8 to 10 percent of users have chosen that system.  But it's growing fast: In Canada, for example, some providers see their prepaid subscribers base increase 50% faster than those of an ordinary monthly billed service.


Prepaid Cellular Phones Are Ideal In The Following Situations:


    If your customers want to budget their cell phone use or
    If want a phone for occasional use but don't want to pay a monthly service fee or enter a long-term agreement, or
    If have no credit history or past credit problems, or
    If usage varies from month to month, or
    If want to buy children a phone for emergency use but restrict the amount of calls they make, or
    If are looking for a gift. or
    If don't feeling comfortable providing information for a carrier credit check, or
    If want to learn about their usage patterns before committing to a long-term monthly billing wireless contract.


Prepaid Deals Let Your Customers Budget Their Spending In Advance.  Customers Will Never Spend More Than Had Originally Planned With Prepaid:


Customers that need control cost of their cellular services use only their prepaid minutes and keep on track with budges.  The ability to pay for the exact number of minutes used - and no more - appeals to everyone.


    up-front cost control
    no long-term contract
    life-saver for emergencies - accidents, breaking down on the road


Advantages Of Prepaid Cellular Service:

Provides lifestyle advantages:  The abilities to limit calling expenditures as well as service duration are especially attractive to students, parents, young professionals, and businesses with contract employees.

Young subscribers and their parents benefit because the possibility of receiving an unexpected large bill in the mail is eliminated.

Allows people who may not have established credit histories to enjoy the wireless communication.


Prepaid Cellular Service offers customers more flexibility, and the ability to pay up front for their cellular service - with no contracts, no credit checks and no monthly bills.

Prepaid cell phone service allows your customer to control their costs by giving them the freedom to purchase and redeem airtime on an as-needed basis without contracts and commitments.

For someone who doesn't want to talk a lot - able to limit themselves to less than one hour a month -prepaid cellular are more affordable than monthly contracts, with fewer hassles in starting or stopping service.

With prepaid cell phones, customers pay for what they expect to use upfront giving them total control of their cellular costs.  Every time your customers use their cell phones, they buy some airtime.  Just remember your customers will be repeat customers coming to your place of business to top-up their account before they run out.

Users enjoy the ability to control costs and retain privacy.  They get the freedom and convenience of cell phone service with no deposit, credit check, contract or activation fee.  Prepaid minutes can be spread over several months, usually two or three, so if use only phone occasionally, it can be less expensive than paying every month for airtime for airtime that they won't use.


Now from a single POSA Terminal, a retail merchant can
offer his customers multiple Pre-Paid services.

This method is superior to merchants having to use "LIVE" pre-paid cards that are expensive to purchase and are plagued by theft.

A merchant must make as many as 10 Pre-Paid card sales
to makeup for the theft of one live card!

But now, with the P.O.S. Activation System, these problems are a thing of the past.

Merchants receive an inventory and marketing materials, at no cost to them.

These Inventory have no value unless they are activated at the P.O.S. Terminal.

This has several advantages:

Eliminates Theft -
The display have no value.

Reduces Display Space -
There is no need for cards with multiple dollar denominations.

Encourages Repeat Business -
Benefits to Merchants

    Generate high income on each high-speed transaction-no upfront costs.

    Choice of prepaid programs to meet merchant needs
    Aggressive commission programs
    Pay only for what you sell
    Eliminate stock shortages for specific scratch cards
    Encourage routine consumer visits
    Attract new customers with the added convenience
    Promote other consumer purchases at the ATM and in the store


As an retailing merchant of P.O.S.Activation System terminals, you can cash in on the booming PrePaid market.


PREPAID CELLULAR PREPAID WIRELESS IS EXPLODING AND TAKING OVER THE MARKET! In 2001 prepaid cellular phone service generated $1.9 Billion in revenues and is expected to generate $20 Billion by 2005. The number of youth market subscribers will grow from more than 11 million in 2000 to more than 30 million in 2004. There is no doubt . . . it's a new day in telecommunications. Wireless is the new deal and wireless companies are scrambling to exploit the Prepaid sector. Companies who partner with Prepaid Wireless Direct POSA Systems will not only have access to the large national wireless carriers through POSA Systems, but also to the multitude of regional carriers as well.

Prepaid Wireless Direct have DIRECT RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE MAJOR WIRELESS CARRIERS. Prepaid Wireless Direct POSA Systems has national distribution agreements with all the major wireless carriers throughout the United States which is critical to the success of any prepaid services  today. The wireless carriers are looking for companies with solid financial track records, excellent management and aggressive growth strategies. Prepaid Wireless Direct has all three.

WIRELESS COVERAGE AREAS AND RATE PLANS IN THE USA. Most of the Continental US is covered by our national wireless providers.

WIRELESS PIN DELIVERY TODAY. With the POSA Systems, clerks select a simple menu option on a terminal for WIRELESS. They are then offered menu choices for all the available wireless carriers. After entering the desired denomination, a receipt is printed containing all the required information such as PIN, Control Number, Access Phone Number, Instructions, etc. The customer loads the PIN into their handset via an automated system or Customer Service and discards the receipt.

We'll Beat Any Prepaid Wireless Discount!

WIRELESS PIN DELIVERY TOMORROW -- COMING TRENDS. Currently, the US wireless companies sell their prepaid services through manually loaded live PINs. This is both labor intensive and subject to human error and is gradually changing. Prepaid Wireless Direct POSA Systems is positioned to take advantage of each carrier's on line recharge capabilities as they become available.  Another noteworthy item with the major carriers is the high price of handsets.

This problem is being solved by some of the regional wireless carriers through the use of low cost refurbished handsets. Prepaid Wireless Direct POSA Systems has established relationships with several of these carriers and expects to have relationships with as many as 100 US wireless regional over the next two years.


FACTS ABOUT PREPAID WIRELESS Retailers or Business Opportunity Telecom Consultants, I would like to offer you an exciting opportunity to benefit from the millions of advertising dollars spent by all the major carriers and many more carriers by becoming an official RECHARGE station for the very profitable, emerging prepaid cellular market place.  The Point-of-Sale Activation (POSA) systems allows you stay on the cutting edge of the Prepaid Cellular Phone Service explosion. Offering Prepaid Cellular Service and more, in addition to generating additional revenues, will create a loyal customer that uses your store as a location to RECHARGE their prepaid cellular phones.  As an added benefit, Long Distance Prepaid Phone Card profits will increase because of higher commissions, better products and no shrinkage.

Once they discover they can RE-UP (recharge) in a few seconds in the convenience of your store, you'll have a customer for life. Now your customers can RE-UP time on their prepaid cellular phone while you draw in new customers who don't want to travel out of their way just to find a over crowded cellular store.

The advantages are numerous including no inventory expense to you, no theft issues, no inventory shortages, FREE marketing materials, the advantage of brand recognition in identifying your store along with major cellular companies and, of course, increased revenues!.  Join the largest movement in the telecommunications industry in over a decade and be recognized as an official prepaid cellular phone service station before your competition does!.

 Convenience Stores         

The key word in maximizing the sale of prepaid wireless product is convenience.  The prepaid cellphone user, when he or she is about to run out of minutes, looks to the closest, most convenient location to refresh their account. They know there is no difference between a Verizon $30 PIN sold at one store versus another. They need minutes and they need it now! The reality is that if you offer it, you will sell it,  and you will sell it in large numbers once your customers discover you carry prepaid wireless.



Why Us?

Prepaid Direct Wireless gives you the best rate period. We negotiate on your behalf with the carrier to get you the best rates in the industry. By leveraging the process via Prepaid Direct Wireless you get wholesale rates that are the best in the industry hands down.

Send us a copy of your current top-up rates and have one of our account analysts review your current statement to match and beat your current rates, each account is customized to meet your business needs.

Our superb focus on customer support has made us one of the most recognized names in the industry today and Prepaid Direct Wireless leads and outclasses the industry with our proprietary 500+ person bilingual call center.

We will never share any of your information, We take privacy very seriously. 

Doing business with us, you will always have the highest discounts, our staff will always protect your identity and always produce quality store solutions for your business and walk-in customers.

We stress again, we protect your privacy, respect your privacy, guard your privacy, and will always honor your privacy.

Thousands of merchants-wireless stores trust us, Reliable and Dependable Nation-Wide Provider Store Solutions.

24hrs Tech Support to Merchant Retailers - All bilingual Languages.

Requirements:  You must have store front, be the business owner with resale certificate or business license.